Information securityico-seguridad

Information security consulting aims to promote working methods that rely on secure scenarios to protect company data. To do this, we establish the requirements for implementing, documenting and evaluating better practice procedures for managing security, confidentiality and availability of information. This ensures greater tranquility for the entrepreneur and is also a legal requirement.

  • Adaptations of Data Protection Law
  • Backup systems
  • Data Recovery Systems
  • VPN
  • Antivirus



We advise companies to implement an approppriate data protection policy and facilitate the necessary tools to keep it updated and in compliance with regulations.

  • Protection of personal data
  • Protection of information



The new information society has its own rules and one must know them. Web pages, online shops and the corporate presence on social networks, have to comply with current regulations and be up to date with the legal framework governing the use of information, consumers, users and distance selling.

  • Web page legality
  • Social media
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing online
  • Advertising
  • Protection of Consumers and Users
  • Unfair competition


Intangible assetsico-inmateriales

With the expansion and globalization of information in the vast network that is the internet, special attention has to be paid to intangible assets: intellectual property protection, domains, multimedia content, databases and software. All this is done by means of the appropriate legal instruments, with particular attention given to contracts related to ICT.

  • Intellectual property
  • Trademarks
  • Domains
  • Software and Databases
  • Multimedia content
  • ICT Contracts


Illicit uses of technologyico-tecnologicos

The information society has brought countless benefits, but also the possibility of new offences, whether they involve civil, criminal or labour law. Good security, prevention and information management are indispensable in order to avoid becoming a victim of such offences. No less important is the application of tools that allow the gathering of evidence should it be necessary.

  • Against privacy and honor
  • Against Intellectual Property
  • Against the market and consumers




We offer training in new technologies, specialized and personalized, targeted at professionals, entrepreneurs and public institutions, which teach the methods necessary for compliance with the law, managing information security, implementing online invoicing services, and learning to utilise the digital signature. We also teach online marketing related to the rights of potential customers, management of social networks without compromising users and knowing the limitations depending on different platforms, etc. Check the possibilities for financing our courses through the Tripartite Foundation.